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What We Do


General Repairs including -
Rooflight & Vent Installations & Repairs
Water System Diagnostics & Repairs
Solar panel Installations
Digital Antenna & Aerial Installations
Brake Servicing & Repairs
Tyre Fitting
Damp Testing & Repairs
Reversing Camera Installations
Motor Mover Installation & Repairs

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Caravan and motorhome sales – We offer various caravans and motorhomes for sale, and post updates on our Facebook page when new stock comes in.

General repairs – In caravans, we can repair the likes of broken blinds, damaged furniture and leaking taps.

Electrical, gas and water system diagnostics – If you are having issues with your caravan’s electrical, gas or water system, we can troubleshoot.

Caravan service – This includes a chassis service where the caravan’s wheels, drums, bearings and brakes are all fully inspected.

Damp test and repair – In testing your caravan for dampness, we can detect it so that it can be rectified before it worsens.

Pre-purchase inspection – This can include inspecting wheels, tyres and crucial safety elements of a caravan before you buy it.

Motorhome habitation checks – These include inspecting the internal and external bodywork, chassis and running gear and testing the motorhome’s electrical system and safety equipment.

Parts and accessories – There’s large scope for customisation due to the motorhome and caravan accessories and parts we offer.

Solar panel installation – The solar panels we stock are caravan and motorhome parts that can help you to enhance the vehicle’s eco-friendliness.

Digital antenna system installation – Our caravan and motorhome accessories include digital antenna systems that would let you watch digital TV inside the vehicle.

Tyre fitting service – If the existing tyres on your caravan or motorhome are deteriorating, we can fit new tyres from our range of motorhome and caravan parts.

Gas service – In your motorhome or caravan, we can service its gas appliances to verify their safety.

Caravan and motorhome warranties – These are available on both new and used units we sell, enabling you to have long-term confidence in any you purchase from us.

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